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PSGCNJ Events!

PSGCNJ is excited to welcome back Victor Manganaro and his Improv 4 Effective Business Communication™ Workshop!

Why Improv?

Can Improv help you in your job search?

While the connection may not be apparent at first, this custom-designed Improv workshop allows participants to work through communication weak-points and blind-spots and provides the opportunity to:

  • Think more quickly on your feet
  • Challenge your communication skills
  • Improve your listening ability
  • Unleash your inner creativity
  • Become more adept at adapting

All while having fun in a collaborative and supportive environment!

And, what could be more relevant to your job search skills than that?

For more information and to find out what past participants are saying, go to Improv 4 Effective Business Communication Testimonials.

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