PSGCNJ’s Executive Council provides oversight and management of the corporation's day-to-day operations.

Members of the advisory council follow:

DAPHNE THOMAS JONES brings many years of management experience to her position as Executive Director of PSGCNJ. She has served as a life insurance and annuity product and fund management executive at several corporations. She is a graduate of Princeton University where she earned Bachelor of Arts in statistics. She also holds certificates from the Columbia University Graduate School—Executive Institute and Smith College Leadership Consortium. As co-executive director, Daphne’s primary goals are to increase the membership, promote awareness of and secure funding for the organization, and to champion the development and implementation of new programs to help people gain employment.

DIRK GRAHAM, who serves as a PSGCNJ Board of Trustees member, is a bank operations professional. He is a recognized problem solver with extensive experience in data processing and back room operations. An Operations Manager dedicated to productivity, profitability and service excellence with vast experience in project management and product development, his enthusiastic attitude and excellent listening and assessment skills provide the measureable difference my customers have come to know.

SCOTT BREED, MBA, who serves as the Director of the Marketing and Events committee is a senior marketing professional with broad experience in the health industry. Well-versed in many areas, his major strengths lie in building brand and rebranding. Scott has brought tremendous value to organizations by driving business strategies to success through team and organizational leadership and cross-functional collaboration. Scott can be reached at or

BILL DEARBORN, who serves as Director of the organization's Membership and Executive Committees, is a corporate and cost accountant who specializes in saving costs for large and mid-size corporations. He has served in industries such as electronic materials manufacturing, telecommunications and insurance. He can be reached at or you can access his profile at:

PAUL JUSTL, MBA (Tech), who serves as the Director of the Fundraising Committee, is a business analyst, project manager and tech manager in the telecommunications industry. Paul has developed business models for multiple service providers showing the introduction and growth of the next generation cellular telephone network estimating subscriber and usage growth over time and the evolution of the network to handle the traffic growth highlighting how to take advantage of the technology. Paul can be reached at or

SUNIL KUMAR, PMP, MS (Tech), CloudMaster, who serves as the Director of Training Committee, is an Information Systems leader with extensive professional experience leading large global enterprise IT projects and programs in Software development, Systems Integrations and Implementations. His technical expertise spans across various technologies including Enterprise Applications, eCommerce, Business Intelligence, Datawarehouse, Web 2.0, ERP, CRM, EAI, CMS and Mobile. He has industry domain experience in Banking, CPG/Retail, Travel, Pharma and Software Consulting. Sunil can be reached at or

KENNETH LIPNICKEY, MS (Computer Science), who serves as the Director of the IT Committee, is a senior technology executive with a career in customer-focused solutions. From personal finance, to small business to telecommunications and digital services, Ken has managed global teams, negotiating with multiple business units to develop product portfolios that deliver what companies need and customers want. As a member of executive teams he has M&A and IPO experience. Ken can be reached at or

DARRAH TURMAN, PMP, MBA, who serves as the Director of the Opportunity Center Committee is an experienced finance professional who specializing in corporate financial planning and analysis. By utilizing his project management and Lean Six Sigma expertise, Darrah creates sustainable profitability and excellent customer satisfaction. Darrah can be reached at or

KENNETH HITCHNER, past Executive Director, is a corporate communications strategist who specializes in building reputation and image. He has served as a Deputy Press Secretary for a Governor of N.J. (2005-2006) and as a spokesman for N.J. Transit. He can be reached at Access his portfolio at:

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