PSGCNJ FAQS (Frequently asked questions)

  1. What is PSGCNJ?
    PSGCNJ is a grassroots organization, which serves job-seeking professional and skilled members. The group is organized and administered by the volunteer members of PSGCNJ.
  2. What is PSGCNJ’s mission?
    PSGCNJ's mission affords its professional and skilled members a valuable network through job-search and job-placement services, creating a stronger workforce and economy.
  3. How do I join PSGCNJ?
    Go to the home page, click on the “Join PSGCNJ” button in the left hand column, and fill out the appropriate forms.
  4. Who can join PSGCNJ?
    Professionals, who are employed, unemployed, and underemployed, are invited to join the organization.
  5. What is the Accelerated Career Training (ACT) program?
    ACT is a career development forum designed to bring your job search skills into the 21st Century. It consists of five 3-hour training modules targeted to develop your networking, interviewing, communications, self-assessment, and resume writing skills. All five modules are presented in a 2 1/2 day program (Mon afternoon, Tues & Wed morning and afternoon) and are required for active PSGCNJ membership eligibility. If you miss a module in your scheduled training week, it can be completed during the next scheduled workshop. PSGCNJ membership eligibility will be placed on hold until the completion of all five modules.

    There are two ways to register:
    1) Register online at the training curriculum page and receive a confirmation email.
    2) Attend a Monday general meeting; complete the workshop sign-up form; and return it to a member of the Training Committee.
  6. What is the Advanced Resume Review (ARR) and how do I sign up?
    PSGCNJs Advanced Resume Review is an opportunity to improve your resume through an honest, timely, and nonjudgmental critique by PSGCNJ professionals, many with HR backgrounds. Submit your resume to: and you will be contacted to set up a resume review appointment. (To be eligible for ARR, you must complete the full ACT program)
  7. What is the Mock Interview (MI) and how do I sign up?
    Mock interviews are an opportunity to hone your interview skills either before you need them or before meeting with a prospective employer. Send your current résumé and job description (if applicable) to the following email address and request a Mock Interview appointment: A group of PSGCNJ professionals, many with HR backgrounds, will take you through the entire interview process and provide you with honest, timely, and nonjudgmental feedback. (To be eligible for MI, you must complete the full ACT program)
  8. What services does PSGCNJ offer?
    Part of the PSGCNJ's mission is to provide knowledge and training that will maintain and enhance our members' skillsets through committee volunteerism. We also offer the following services to keep our members’ job search skills current and relevant:

    1) Advanced Résumé Review: This is an honest, timely critique by various PSGCNJ professionals. Submit your résumé to: and you will be contacted for further discussion.
    2) Mock Interviews: “Practice makes perfect.” Mock interviews provide the opportunity to hone your interview skills either before you need them or before meeting with a prospective employer. Send your current résumé and job description (if applicable) to the following email address and request a Mock Interview appointment:
  9. What are PSGCNJ’s volunteer requirements?
       • Complete the five module Accelerated Career Training Program
       • Join a committee and choose a job title
       • Volunteer three hours a week, not including attending the Monday morning general
       • Attend at least one Monday morning general meeting a month
  10. What committees does PSGCNJ have and what do they do?
    Marketing & Events Committee: Promotes PSGCNJ both internally and externally. Provides continuous educational and networking opportunities to the members of PSGCNJ.
    Meetings: Fridays 10-11:30am at Panera's Bread located at Somerville Circle.
  11. Membership Committee: Promotes PSGCNJ and its benefits to membership.
    Meetings: Wednesdays 9:30am

    Opportunity Committee: Supports the membership community by providing job leads to professionals in transition, and job candidates to employers seeking to fill their staffing needs.
    Meetings: Thursdays, 12 noon -1:30pm

    Technology Committee: Responsible for supporting other committees; coordinating member activities; facilitating dialog among group members; and improving current processes and procedures as they pertain to technology related matters and issues.
    Meetings: 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the SCBP; other weeks on Wednesdays from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. via free conference call.

    Training Committee: Prepare people in career transition by providing tools and information to help focus and accelerate their job search.
    Meetings: Thursdays 10-11:30am

  12. How much does PSGCNJ cost? Are there any fees?
    PSGCNJ is a free service, operated and managed by volunteers. There is no cost and no mandatory fee. From time to time, the organization has social events that may require an entrance fee to participate, but that is solely at the discretion of the individual member. Members are asked to contribute to cover the costs of coffee service at the General membership meetings.
  13. How can I keep my skills sharp and learn new ones?
    PSGCNJ is operated by committees (see #11). Volunteering on a committee - a requirement of membership - provides members with ways to keep their skill sets sharp and/or provide them with opportunities to learn new ones. The organization also provides guest speakers on a weekly basis, some of whom present ways to sharpen your skill set in a variety of categories.
  14. How do I stay active while I am looking for a job?
    Attend PSGCNJ’s general meetings every Monday; attend the Job Search Boot Camp which trains job seekers in the latest job search techniques; Volunteer to contribute your skills and talents on a committee; participate in PSGCNJ networking and social events.
  15. How can PSGCNJ help me get a job?
    PSGCNJ is a unique concept in personnel placement services. We're a dynamic volunteer organization helping members find new positions, and helping employers find well-qualified candidates to fill those positions. PSGCNJ provides training, networking, and support for the unemployed and underemployed.
  16. When and where are PSGCNJ General Meetings?
    PSGCNJ general meetings are held on Monday mornings at 10:30am at First United Methodist Church of Somerville, 48 West High Street, Somerville, NJ 08876. Check for rescheduling due to Monday holidays.
  17. What is the PSGCNJ newsletter, “Transitions to Success,” and how can I access it?
    The “Transition to Success” Newsletter is produced and distributed weekly by the Professional Service Group of Central New Jersey Marketing Committee. The staff donates their time and talent to provide informative, inspiring and entertaining material that can be used in landing your next position and tips on how to handle transition.

    To access the newsletter go to:
  18. What is the PSGCNJ Yahoo group and how do I join?
    The PSGCNJ Yahoo Group is an “internal” email where members share PSGCNJ information, job leads, and other relevant tips for your personal job search. To join, you must be a member of PSGCNJ (see #10). Send request to:
  19. How do I find the name and topic of the weekly meeting speaker?
    Weekly speaker information is available at the PSGCNJ website at or by emailing:
  20. How can I access past speakers’ presentations?
    PSGCNJ records its speakers with their permission. Access the PSGCNJ media library at

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