Index of Tech Tips & How-To’s  

Yahoo Group Tips:

  1. How to join the PSGCNJ Yahoo Group,
    (or just see Step 7 of the New Member Checklist ).
  2. How to unsubscribe from (or stop) the Yahoo Group emails.
  3. How to set your Yahoo ID and PSGCNJ Yahoo Group subscription to use your other “real” email address.
  4. How to upload your resume to the PSGCNJ Yahoo Group.
  5. Why is the formatting always screwed up in the messages forwarded by the Yahoo Group?

LinkedIn Tips:

  1. What are the PSGCNJ LinkedIn Group and statewide PSG of New Jersey LinkedIn Group, and how do I join them?
  2. How to merge my two LinkedIn profile accounts.
  3. How Can I Embed A Presentation, Video, or Document Into My LinkedIn Profile?
  4. How To Give a LinkedIn Recommendation for Non-Employer (e.g., Volunteer) Work?
  5. How Can I Make a Backup of my LinkedIn Connections? (And how about Facebook and Twitter, too?)

Google Groups & Google Docs Tips:

  1. What Are Google Docs, How Do I Start One, and How Can I Get Shared Access To Someone Else’s?

(Other tech tips on this may be forthcoming, but right now these are only being used selectively by specific committees.)

Microsoft Office Applications & Other Software Tips:

  1. How Do I Open a .docx, .pptx, or .xlsx File?  And How Can I Convert It To a .doc, .ppt, or .xls?
  2. How Can I Get Microsoft Software Affordably?  (MS Office, MS Visual Studio, etc.)


  1. HELP DESK: Email your technology question to and someone from the tech committee will try to assist you

General Technology Help Tips:

  1. Is There WiFi Internet Access At PSGCNJ Meeting Locations Or Nearby?
  2. Is There Internet Access for My Notebook PC or Mobile Device in the Somerville One-Stop Career Center?
  3. Help!  Where Can I Get Technical Help?
  4. Where Can I Get Training in Business Software Like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook (Email), and Other Tools?

PSGCNJ Web Site Tips:

  1. How to get my business card posted in the PSGCNJ web site section for employers.
  2.  How Can I Make A Tech Tip Suggestion (Or Correction), or a Web Site Suggestion (or Correction)?

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